Annie Haigh - Devon based Artist, Painter and Sculptor.

The feelings that arise from considering something which is both beautiful, but evokes fear and awe, is a subject that has deeply inspired my paintings. I am influenced by the work of Gerhard Richter, Maggi Hambling and Len Tabner, and informed by historical perspectives on the nature of sublime as provided by Edmund Burke and Immanuel Kant, and the more contemporary concepts of Simon Morley.

I have strong personal connections with the sea, and take every opportunity to sail, swim and surf. The weather is often a crucial aspect, and the forecast of a storm is always met with a slight fear and trepidation. To watch a storm develop, see the dark clouds advancing and the waves being whipped up into a raging froth is both exciting and frightening, touching upon the sublime.

Although film and photography can capture amazing images of storms, I believe that a painting can add emotional and personal emphasis, creating a unique representation. I make sketches in the open air, on beaches and cliff tops, to quickly seize the moment and capture the essence and force of the water. In the studio these drawings are interpreted onto canvas with various thicknesses of oil paint to create an intriguing, ambiguous image.